Platinum Plus Membership

Tashrefat Platinum Plus membership provides a range of services to members designed to give a VIP experience when travelling through Dammam and Riyadh airports only.

Membership features:

  • Unlimited number of services within 12 months.
  • Choose between individual or family membership.
  • You can include family members and assistants in your membership.
  • Your accompanying guests can also benefit from a special discount.
  • Access Tashrefat Lounge.
  • Book your transportation pickup (Luxury, Sedan, or Family) with great discounts.
Type Price Extra Family
Member and
Helper Max. 4
No of
Guest Discount
12 Months Membership Multi-airports
Single 10,100 2,650 Unlimited 10% 25%
One person Membership
Family 13,250 2,650 Unlimited 10% 25%
Family membership can be up to 5 members from the same family, 2 Parents and 3 Children less than 18 years old.
Extra Family Member and Helpers First Relation to the holder: spouse, son, daughter, father and mother.
Helper Helpers whom must be under holder sponsorship. Maximum of 4 members including extra Family members.
No. of Services (Unlimited) Membership holder will get Tashrefat Platinum Services if pre-booked.
Members with no rebooking needs to identify them-selves at “Tashrefat Desk” to access Platinum Service.
Transportation Discount Membership holder gets 10% on transportation provided by Tashrefat from and into the airport and that requires (Pre-booking).
Accompanied Guest Discount The accompanied guest gets 25% and she/he must be accompanied with membership holder at the same flight. (pre-booking).
Multi Airports covers all available Airports (Dammam or Riyadh)
More airports may be offered in the future